Reblog mo kung Pilipino ka.

Anonymous asked:
Do you have good days?

Whenever I play basketball 

Anonymous asked:
Well, I knew it was pubes because dude it was curly and my hair is way longer than that thing I saw on my toothbrush. -_-

WOW, hahaha just… i don’t know how to respond but good for you for  being able to move on from that horrible experience

Anonymous asked:
Everyone has good days right? I hope you're having a pleasant day! :)

I have forgotten how to be happy…. hahaha 

Why am I so sad? How do I become happy? Ugh. This loneliness is killing me.

Anonymous asked:
You don't post much. I don't mean that in a bad way but hey I'm just curious.

I’m sorry, should I post more? I’m just looking at post right now and liking them, but I’ll try to post more if you want. Tumblr’s a way for me to express what i can’t tell people lol 

Anonymous asked:
You know what's f-in crazy? I was brushing my teeth and there was a freakin pube on my brush and I didn't even realize it until I was done brushing my teeth!!! So gross :(( I almost cried lol

WTF! How do you know that it’s a pube though?

Anonymous asked:
Hey want to be friends

Sure thing!